As of the writing of this blog post, Manitoba had run over 5600 tests for COVID-19 and Dr. Roussin, the provincial Chief Medical Officer, had just announced the 37th confirmed case of COVID-19 in the province.

With the relatively low number of positive cases in Manitoba, it can be tempting to think that perhaps this whole thing is being blown out of proportion and things are not that bad, but this would not be our interpretation.

We think the reason that we have been seeing relatively low numbers of COVID-19 positive patients is because Manitobans have been heeding the advice of public health officials.  They have been self-isolating if they have returned from travel.  They have been working at home whenever they can.  Those who can’t work from home have been staying home if they are feeling unwell.  They have been home-schooling their children.  They have been closing their businesses for the public good even though it will cost them financially.  They have been self-isolating.  They have been practicing social distancing.  They have been washing their hands and covering their cough.  They have been helping seniors, people with chronic illnesses and front line healthcare workers by doing their best to stay healthy and limiting spread of the virus.

We at The Minor Illness & Injury Clinic are extremely grateful, as are our healthcare colleagues throughout the province, for all the steps taken by Manitobans to limit the spread of COVID-19.

We know this hasn’t been easy on anyone, and it can be tempting to relax and let our guard down, but we must resist this temptation.  If we can continue to act together, following the recommendations of our public health leadership, we can get through this pandemic with minimal casualties.  It is extremely important that we all do our part to protect each other and ourselves.

Wishing you all good health and good fortune during this challenging time.