Hi everyone,

We have received a small supply of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Please contact the clinic if you would like to book an immunization.  This would be for anyone who is unimmunized, partially immunized or who had received Astra Zeneca as one of their vaccines but who needs to be doubly vaccinated by either Pfizer or Moderna for work or travel purposes.

Due to the limited shelf life of these vaccines after opening, we are trying to organize vaccination clinics where multiple people can be booked on the same day.  This is to prevent us from wasting doses if demand is low.

Please call 431-222-2273 to book your appointment or to get on a clinic list.  The Pfizer vaccine is now available to all Manitobans aged 12 years and older.  The Moderna vaccine is available to all Manitobans aged 18 years and older.

If this is your second dose, you will need to be at least 28 days from your first dose, regardless of which vaccine you received the first time.