Is this a private clinic?

Yes and no.  

No, we are not a private clinic in the sense that you need to be member or pay a fee to access the clinic.  Everyone is welcome.  Just like in a publicly funded Emergency Room, Urgent Care or Access Clinic.  

Yes, we are a private clinic in the sense that we are not run by a governmental organization, just like most physicians offices and walk-in clinics. 

We like the phrase "Publicly funded.  Privately delivered." to describe what we do.

Do you charge for patient visits?

No. As long as you have a valid Manitoba Health number we do not charge for patient visits. We only charge patient visits that are not covered by Manitoba Health. This would apply to out-of-province visitors who do not have coverage by a reciprocal provincial agreement.

What if I don't have a valid Manitoba Health card, how much do you charge for visits?

For people from other provinces that have a reciprocal agreement with Manitoba (all provinces except Quebec), we can use your provincial health card/number for services rendered by our clinic, so there will be no cost to you.

For those people from Quebec or outside of Canada, we do not have the ability to direct bill your insurance company, so you will need to pay for the services rendered and submit the invoice directly to your insurer for reimbursement later.

The following is a short list of prices that we are currently charging:

  • New patient visit - $125.00
  • Follow-up visit - $75
  • Sutures - $125.00 (face), $160.00 (lip, nose, eyelid, ear, internal mouth); $135.00 (rest of the body)
  • Wound dressing/burn dressing - $25.00 to $50.00 (depending on the size)
  • Casts - $50.00 (below the knee), $50.00 (above the elbow), $40.00  (forearm/wrist/hand)
  • Crutches - $50.00 (all sizes)
What if I miss my appointment?

If you know that you are going to miss your appointment, please let us know so that we can offer it to another patient.

We refer to missed appointments without prior notice as being “no-shows”. At present, we do not charge a fee for no-shows, but we reserve the right to refuse future bookings. We will update the website if this policy changes.

What if I think my condition is minor, but it turns out to be more serious?

If your condition deteriorates before you have attended your appointment at The Minor Illness & Injury Clinic, you should seek care at the nearest Emergency Room or Urgent Care - call 911 if you require an ambulance to get there safely.

If you attend your The Minor Illness & Injury Clinic appointment and we find that your condition is beyond what we can safely manage in our facility, then we will refer you to the nearest ER.  If warranted, we will call an ambulance on your behalf.

Can you provide prescription refills?

The best person to refill a long-term prescription medication is your primary care provider. However, under most circumstances, we will provide a limited prescription of a few days duration sufficient to cover you until you are able to contact your primary care provider to arrange for an adequate refill.

Can you prescribe narcotics or other controlled substances?

No. We are unable to write these types of prescriptions, nor do we keep such medications on site. Your best option is to contact your primary care provider if you require a refill of a prescription for these types of medications. If you are experiencing severe pain and think you might need narcotics or other controlled medications to help ease your discomfort, you should attend your local ER.

Can you perform annual physical exams or other routine healthcare visits?

No. Our expertise lies in the diagnosing and treatment of acute illness and injury. We entrust our colleagues who are family physicians, pediatricians or nurse practitioners to assist our patients with their routine and/or chronic health care needs.

Do you charge for sick notes?

Yes. We charge $20 for sick notes if your employer requires one from you. However, you should be aware of Bill 202 that defines when an employer can legitimately ask for a sick note. It also defines when an employer should have to reimburse an employee for the cost of a sick note. https://web2.gov.mb.ca/bills/40-5/b202e.php

Do I have to pay for crutches?

Yes. Manitoba Health does not cover the cost of crutches, so we have to charge you for them. $50.00 is what we charge for a pair of new crutches and you will receive a receipt of purchase. Patients who have private insurance can submit these receipts to their insurance provider for reimbursement. We can only accept debit or credit card payments because we are unable to direct bill your insurance company at this time.

How long can I wait before getting a minor laceration repaired?

Ideally, we like to repair minor lacerations within 8 hours of the injury. After this time, the risk of infection increases. However, we will consider low risk repairs up to 12 hours old. If you are unable to get an appointment with us within 12 hours from the laceration, you should seek care from one of the 24-hour Urgent Care or Emergency facilities.


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