We can perform diagnostic X-rays at X-Ray on Corydon, just across the hall from our clinic. Your clinician will review these images within minutes of their completion and, in most cases, give you same day results.  X-Ray on Corydon is open from 11AM to 8PM daily.


Casting and Splinting

For minor sprains and fractures, we can provide casting or splinting on site, and also arrange follow-up if required.  We also have crutches for sale if you require them.


Abrasions, Cuts and Burns

We can treat most minor injuries to the skin and soft tissue by providing:

  • Suturing (stitches) for minor cuts
  • Skin adhesive (glue) for minor cuts
  • Dressings for minor cuts, abrasions and burns

Blood Tests

We can provide a short menu of common blood tests, and offer the results within minutes.  Very soon, we will able to take additional blood samples at The Minor Illness & Injury Clinic and then refer it out to another lab. The results of these referred tests usually take at least a few business days.


Urine Tests

We can provide results to common urine tests such as to detect infection, kidney problems and pregnancy, on the same visit. Other tests such as drug screening or bacterial cultures need to be referred out and the results usually take a few business days.


Throat Swabs

We can provide Rapid-Strep tests for patients with sore throats, and offer results within minutes.



We can perform EKGs if required. All EKGs will be reviewed first by one of our clinicians and then will be reviewed later by a second clinician who specializes in EKG interpretation.


Specialist Referrals

There will be times when patients come to us with issues beyond our expertise, or that require specialized care. In these situations, we will arrange for specialist referrals, consultation and/or follow-up.