Is this a private clinic or can anyone attend?

  • The clinic is privately run, but publicly funded
  • Anyone can attend the clinic.  All you need is a valid Manitoba Health card, but like you would at any public health institution, like an Emergency Room or Urgent Care.


What if I don’t have a Manitoba Health card?

  • If you don’t have a Manitoba Health card, but you are from another Canadian province that shares a reciprocal agreement with Manitoba, then you are covered by presenting your provinces health card.
  • If you don’t have a Manitoba Health card, and you come from Quebec (which doesn’t have a reciprocal health agreement with Manitoba) or internationally (US, etc) then you will have to pay for your visit, even if you have travel insurance.  Currently, we do not direct bill insurance companies, but we will happily provide you with a receipt so that you can submit it to your insurance provider for reimbursement.


What are the fees for a clinic visit for patients without coverage from Manitoba Health?

  • Currently, we charge $165.00 CND for a physician assessment
  • Things like casting, stitches, dressings, X-rays, etc are billed in addition to the visit


What type of services can you provide?

  • We can do office consultation, X-rays, casting, stitches, rapid-strep tests, urine tests, pregnancy tests and bedside blood sugar checks on site
  • If you require more extensive laboratory investigations we would send you to one of the local Dynacare Labs


Do you provide check-ups and routine physicals?

  • No, we only see patients who have newer onset minor illnesses and injuries.  This is our area of expertise.
  • We defer check-ups and routine physicals to our colleagues in Family Medicine and Pediatrics because they have considerable expertise in these areas.